Every time I think about my beginnings with the Callan method, a smile appears on my face. I perfectly remember the first lesson in London, during which I learned that I know English at the FIRST level (there were 12). Until then I have never received school grades other than B’s and A’s! However, it turned out soon  that completing tests, and understanding or speaking foreign language are two completely different worlds. Callan Method helped me in developing ease of using English! After returning to Poland, together with Greame, we felt that we simply had to share this amazing method! We found a lot of schools using the Callan books, but none of them resembled the one I was so eager to visit in London. Along with Greame, we decided it was time to create a place like that in the capital of Poland. Thanks to our approach, in April 2017, we were awarded by the Callan Method Organization of Cambridge which granted us the exclusive right to teach English and Spanish with the Callan Method in Warsaw. This means: no other school can use it when teaching these languages throughout Warsaw.

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  1. You will find us in Warsaw’s Old Town
  2. We organize classes at our headquarters
  3. We also conduct away lessons, both group and individual classes
  4. We organize classes at schools
  5. We organize intensive courses during the holidays
  6. We also organize courses for fast and effective English and Spanish learning at companies